Terms & Conditions

Sale conditions:

International, National and Autonomous Regions:

1 - All sales are made by sample.
2 - All sales on credit are with reservation of property.
3 – The scars, natural marks, variations in color and thickness are characteristic of the skin and enhance its natural beauty, they are appreciated by the connoisseurs and attest to the purity of the skin.
4 - Any and all goods manufactured by us are sold according to the international standard pattern known as "As is", or, as it is at the time of delivery.
5 - The Buyer undertakes to check and accept any merchandise, which is in its possession, at the time of delivery.
(Returns, will only be accepted in writing with acknowledgment of receipt until 8 (eight) days after delivery of the article).
6 - Payment of our invoices is prompt payment, unless otherwise agreed upon between “Ravel Luvas” and the Customer.
7 - The terms and abbreviations used by us to identify our products are unique and in no case can be called into question by the Purchaser as to identify products.

8 - There are no exchanges or returns, for personalized or made-to-measure products.
9 - Our products have unique design and manufacture. We do not accept comparisons, by anyone, with products produced by other manufacturers.
10 - The delivery of our products can be extended by us for more 30 days in relation to the agreed delivery date.
11 - Will be charged default interest at the legal rate, on the total amount of overdue invoices and not settled in full.

12 – All the Bank expenses related to the payments of our Invoices, must be supported by the Ordinant/Buyer/Client.
13 - In case of litigation, the competent judicial forum is the county of Gondomar, District of Porto

Best regards,

Ravel Luvas